Course Description


Jesse E. Agbe

Jesse has been a student of the bible since he got his first bible.He is an avid reader on optimization,productivity,technology.He is a student of ideas,beliefs and philosophies with a desire to see improvement and development in the lives of everyone.His driving goal is to help people to optimize standard technologies in solving certain problems as well as to grow their faith.Jesse loves questions and he is passionate about why things are the way they are and how to be efficient.He is a student,an author and a simple programmer.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course!

    • Welcome to the Course - Intro & Course Layout

    • What Is Julia?

    • Why Learn Julia?

    • Installing Julia & Setting Up Workspace

    • How to Install and Run Julia1.0 and Julia 0.6 Together

    • Navigating the Julia REPL

    • Setting Up Julia in Juno Atom Text Editor

    • Prerequisite Test

  • 2

    Julia Basics - Basic Concept and Syntax in Julia

    • Variables

    • Strings & Characters

    • Numbers & Arithmetic [1]

    • Working With Range

    • Arrays,Vectors & Matrices

    • Tuple and Named Tuple

    • Dictionaries

    • Sets

    • Test your learning on Julia Basics

  • 3

    Learn Julia -Functions & Control Flow

    • Functions - Default Argument,Keyword Arguments,Varargs [1]

    • Control Flow - For Loops In Julia

    • Control Flow - While Loops

    • Control Flow - Conditionals If Else Elseif End

  • 4

    Julia - Plus

    • Unit Testing In Julia - Basics

    • String Literals-Byte Array Literals etc

    • Introduction to Types

    • Inspecting Types

    • Working with Struct

    • Test on Type System

    • Difference and Changes in Julia1.0 and Julia 0.6

  • 5

    Building Simple Tools With Julia

    • Building A Password Generator

    • Building A Random Text Generator

    • Building A File Finder By Extension

    • Building A Quiz App with Structs

    • Links To Programs Built

    • Test On Tools Built

    • Building Web Apps in Julia - Oxygen.jl Crash Course

    • Build a Password Generator App with Julia - Oxygen.jl

    • Build Web Apps in Julia - Source Code

  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...