Building Machine Learning Web Apps

Going Beyond ML Models | taught by Jesse E. Agbe
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Jesse E. Agbe
Jesse E. Agbe

About the Instructor

Jesse is a developer,a researcher,a MD and an avid reader. He is a student of optimization,productivity,programming languages,multiplication and biblical doctrine.
He is a student of ideas,beliefs and philosophies with a desire to see improvement and development in the lives of everyone.
His driving goal is to help people to optimize standard technologies in solving certain problems as well as to grow their faith.
The contributions he aims at making are in certain areas - such as optimization,vision , health, doctrine, efficiency, technology and future of humanity.
His focus is to know why things are the way they are and how to make the most of them.

Jesse loves questions and he is passionate about why things are the way they are and how to be efficient.
He is a student,an author and a simple programmer. 

Building Machine Learning Web Apps

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is affecting every area of our lives and society. Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Facebook and many more industries are using AI and ML models in their products. 

What if you could also build your own machine learning models?

What if you can build something useful from the ML model you have spend time creating and make some profit whiles helping people and changing the world?

In this wonderful course, we will be exploring the various ways of converting your machine learning models into useful web applications and products.

We will learn

  • how to setup your Data Science and ML workspace locally
  •  how to build machine learning models
  • how to interpret them  
  • how to build ML web apps using the models we have created.
  • how to build packages from your ML Models
  • how to deploy your products
  • etc

Join us as we explore the world of building ML Web Apps and Products in python.

See you in the Course,Stay blessed.

This is an ongoing course which will be periodically updated

Course Contents

94 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text

Course Curriculum

Module 03 - Building ML Web Apps
Module 05 - Miscellaneous, Monitoring Web Apps etc